About Lynne Davies Art


"I wanted to thank you for painting such a superb portrait of Raffles, my 3 year old Flat Coated Retriever. You have created such an excellent likeness and really captured his character in the portrait, particularly in the eyes which have got him down to a tee. It was an inspired decision by my wife to commission this with you as a surprise for my 60th birthday, and it is a special gift that I will always treasure."

Duncan Morrison

"Having "encountered" one of Lynne Davies pieces for the first time yesterday, I was struck by a sense of presence. Her work has been described as beautiful, exciting and energetic, all of which although being appropriate adjectives, perhaps do not do her work full justice. In my opinion you do not just "see" Lynne's work, you feel it. The subject appears to study you meaningfully, through deep and beautiful eyes, giving an almost two way experience. As an artist and art collector/investor, for me a piece must have a combination of two things to be considered. Firstly it must have feeling, a connection with the viewer, secondly, and of equal importance it needs to be considered an iconic image. I do not believe that any artist can achieve the winning formula in every piece of work, but with that said there are several of Lynne's pieces that really do strike a chord with me."

James Nash


DSWF Wildlife Artist of the Year shortlisted artist 2017

TWASI Gold award winner 2017

BBC Wildlife Artist Of The Year

Three times finalist in the BBC wildlife artist of the year.

SAA Artist Of The Year

Highly commended finalist in the SAA artist of the year, the public's facourite artist.